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If you’re an expat, TV can be one of the biggest things you miss about living in the UK, so My Private Network offers a simple and very affordable way to watch British TV abroad – just sign up to our VPN package and you’ll be able to connect direct to our VPN server in the UK and bypass any regional lockout.

No long term contracts, no costly subscriptions – so even if you just want to watch UK TV abroad for a couple of weeks while you’re on holiday – with My Private Network you can – starting from a single £5 per month payment!

As well as being able to watch British TV abroad, connecting to our UK server gives you access to UK based websites and added features like the BBC I Player and On-Demand options from other networks. Don’t miss out on your favourite shows or a critical sports fixture – get access to all the latest matches and sports sites to keep up with your team!

You might have the sun, sea and sand – but foreign programming can often be pretty poor compared to the shows you remember back home. With My Private Network you don’t need to feel like an expat, with TV and websites available just as they would be online back in Britain. Whether you’re an expat, or just looking to get access to the high quality programming enjoyed by the Brits, you can watch UK TV abroad immediately when you sign up to My Private Network and connect to our VPN server in the UK.

As well as being able to watch British TV abroad, you’ll have access to your favourite radio stations online, plus newscasts and daily newspapers that require a UK IP address to access them. As an expat, TV might be the only reason you need us, but our VPN network also ensures complete privacy and security online, protecting you from hacking and eavesdropping, or monitoring from ISPs, government agencies and large corporations with their aggressive sniffing for copyright infringements.

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UK Internet TV:

You'd be forgiven for assuming that with so many UK TV services available online, with services like the BBC iPlayer, that accessing British TV over the Internet should be easy.

Unfortunately, it's not that easy, and access to UK content is restricted by IP address, so can only be watched over a UK Internet connection. Here's some information on what is available online outside of the UK:
  • ITunes, the software from Apple, now has a good collection of BBC shows available to purchase and download. Go to www.apple.com/itunes to see what's on offer.
  • There's also a service called Jump TV. This offers TV from over 60 countries to provide live broadcasting of TV stations from around the world. More details at www.jumptv.com.
  • We've recently heard from a visitor from France who's happy to recommend www.adtelly.tv. He says that the service uses a VPN to make a connection to the UK, and works very well for him. It's a subscription service that may be worth a look.
Summary: Selected content on your PC over Broadband:

A number of TV companies offer their TV shows for viewing or download online. They offer a "watch again" or "catch-up TV" service. Here's a summary.
  • BBC - The BBC's iPlayer allows you to watch 7 days of BBC content for free on your PC - www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer
  • ITV - Streaming service over the Internet, offering 30 days of "catch-up TV" - www.itv.com/ITVPlayer
  • Channel 4 - On demand service from a PC. Some content is pay-per-view. www.channel4.com/4od
  • Channel 5 - Repeats of some of their shows on a PC. demand.five.tv

Summary: Streaming Movies and TV shows online:

The huge American streaming service that is Netflix has finally come to the UK.

For a monthly fee of £5.99, watch all the movies and TV you want on your computer, games console, Internet TV, mobile phone or tablet computer.
An impressive line-up of shows - this is set to be a serious rival to Amazon's LoveFilm.
More details at www.netflix.com, or on our dedicated Netflix UK Review page.

Summary: Watch live free-to-view channels on a PC:

With a slightly misleading name, this service lets you watch 30 UK TV channels from your PC. Channels are all free-to-view in the UK. Sign up at www.tvcatchup.com.

You can also watch some Freeview channels live on your I Phone by going to iphone.tvcatchup.com from the I Phone web browser

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